Spring break season is the official launch of serious internship searches.  Most agencies don’t actively begin considering paid summer internship needs until mid to late April.  

Some agencies have established intern hiring goals for the summer, while others use interns year around and don’t necessarily have slots specificially designated for the summer internships.  Due to the surplus of available talent, many agencies only hire college graduates, which limits opportunities for juniors and seniors who need to build their resumes with relevant internship experiences.  That fact has spurred the growth of unpaid internships as students need to gain experience and build their resumes.

I’m a strong believer in the internship experience, and I feel for-profit organizations should pay interns if they are contributing to the organization’s PR output.  Most major agencies pay their interns, but some have unpaid programs for students needing to fulfill college internship requirements.  If you are offered an unpaid internship, try to limit it to only part of your summer so you can seek out another internship or paying job.   

For students needing parental support during unpaid internships, you might want to read an earlier post on how to build a case for an unpaid internship.  Good luck.