Student Tips for Future Job Search

Students at California State University, Chico run a creative public relations agency and also host an informative blog that provides their perspectives on PR and the all-important job search process.  I asked TGC to write a guest post, so junior Jamie Kim enlisted soon-to-graduate seniors to provide their top job-hunting suggestions.  Here’s Jamie’s report: 

  Three more semesters are left in my college career. It’s a bittersweet feeling. I’m excited to finally graduate and find my niche in the real world of public relations, but terrified to be another PR student job-hunting in such a grim economy.

Luckily, I am surrounded by a bright group of PR students in their last year of college who were kind enough to take me back to the basics of job-hunting with three simple questions.

Where’s your elevator pitch?

“Every job hunter has his or her own fantasy about when “the one”—that is, the perfect job—finally comes into the picture. However, this discovery is often unexpected and requires the job hunter to act quickly. But if you, the potential employer, are met at a conference, a meeting or even in an elevator, how do you make an impression sans resume, cover letter or links to that latest blog post? One thing I have found particularly helpful when trying to network is having an elevator pitch ready.

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