Gary McCormick



While I knew that I wanted to be in public relations after discovering it in college, it was still a relatively new career. Many times I found I had to create my own job or at least add it the list of “duties as assigned” by my initial employers.




But it was inevitable that I would become an advocate of networking given my career and the many people who have positively affected it. Starting in high school with a small radio station manager in rural western Colorado who first encouraged me to work for him (who met me through my favorite eighth grade teacher and his wife), I have had a succession of opportunities provided to me by others. Often, I found I had to challenge myself and grow in order to achieve what others clearly expected me to deliver. Which brings me to the second reason for a successful career – amazing mentors which continue even today! This is clearly a profession of life-long learning.

I worked as a production manager for the university paper, The Collegian, and continued at the radio station during summers until I graduated. After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Technical Journalism/Public Relations Concentration, my contacts/networking landed me my first job.

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