Latinos and PR: A Need for More Inclusion

Luis O. Sanchez

Luis O. Sanchez

Growing up, my parents always inspired me to go to school, work hard, and give 110% to whatever I did. It definitely paid off. I earned three degrees, worked for a U.S. Congressman, and then became a Presidential Management Fellow where I worked with some of the most senior government officials at the U.S. Defense Department in Washington, DC. But I wanted more.

After several years in Washington, D.C. working as a policy advisor and in public affairs, I decided to try something different and work in public relations. I didn’t know much about this career choice until I did my research and spoke with friends in Washington who worked in PR. Then I took the risk, moved back to Chicago, enrolled at DePaul University to obtain a second Master’s degree, and started working in the PR world. What I discovered next did not shock me, but it did intrigue me. There aren’t many Latinos in PR.

I wondered why I didn’t see more Latinos working in PR. Latinos are great storytellers, over-index on using social media usage, and their purchasing power in the U.S. is over a trillion dollars. I then deliberated…how can we get Latinos more involved in the PR career track? Realistically, there is a lot of work to be done to make this happen.

I have seen commercials and ads depicting Latinos in a negative or stereotypical way. We shouldn’t tolerate this. Latinos should immerse themselves in PR, advertising, and marketing careers to develop a cognizant market of respect and positivity for Latinos as a whole. With Latinos consuming much of the mainstream media, my concern is that many PR agencies are having difficulty understanding the cultural market, let alone the Latino market. We need to realize Latino Millennials are the most willing to consume media. They are heavy users of mobile devices and social media platforms.

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