10 Must Have Skills of a True PR Pro


By Glenn Roy

A degree is not all that is needed to become a true PR professional. If you want to be successful then you need to have a rounded set of skills that can help you perform everything from writing to research. Here are the top skills that you must have if you want to make your mark in the world of public relations.


Effective communication is the most important skill that any PR professional needs to have. You need to speak very confidently and listen just as well. Effective communication is a two way process. Knowing when to stop and listen and when to speak is essential to succeed as a PR professional. You do not need to have multiple degrees in PR to be able to become a confident speaker but it is more about being able to talk to people from all levels in any organization – be it the CEO or the cleaning staff. One of the biggest issues that people from the PR department of any organization face is barriers to communication due to regional or cultural differences. Other than being able to communicate with anyone at all you also need to have the skills to use different forms of communication medium. Social media, mail drafting, writing and other forms of non-verbal communication need to be efficiently used if you want to communicate to everyone in your network.

Business Savviness

With emergence of new technologies, it is important that PR professionals go beyond rigid PR mindset. They need to become more business savvy. They need to know organizational hierarchy. They must understand client’s markets and develop strong understanding of how those markets are changing. But that would not be enough if they do not know how to co-ordinate with IT, Finance, Marketing departments inside the organization. This deep understanding of business from inside and outside will help them leverage the right assets to tell a compelling story.


PR professionals need to be able to conduct research very efficiently. Even though they do not need to have knowledge about everything in the world, they should be able to come up with some information to be able to engage in knowledgeable conversations. Being able to find out information on markets, current affairs, client data and other relevant information is crucial to the success of any PR professional. As a PR professional, you are required to communicate with everyone and it is not possible without having access to sufficient information. Research is also an integral part of communication and you should try to develop your research skills if you want to better your communication and vice versa.

Writing Skills

Other than modern forms of communication like social media and IM messaging, PR professionals are also expected to have good quality writing skills. From press releases to magazine articles, professionals are required to have proper knowledge about grammar and have decent levels of experience when it comes to writing. As a PR professional you will be required to not only write the content but also proofread other people’s writing on a regular basis. Being able to write lucidly even in stress filled situations is a sign of a good PR professional and if you want to make it big in the world of public relations then you must need to hone your writing skills.

International Mindset

If you are a PR professional then you should have the eagerness and skills to perform well in an international workplace. This is greatly helped if you know multiple languages. Knowing foreign and local languages can help you work with more clients who have a hard time communicating due to language barriers. It can greatly increase the scope of your work and increase the number of clients that you can manage at any given point of time. It opens doors to international business meetings and a wide range of opportunities that would have not been possible without the knowledge of foreign businesses.


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