Leaving on a Jet Plane: How Going Abroad Could Jumpstart Your Public Relations Career


By Philipp Jago

In the course of your studies, you, an aspiring public relations master, might come to the point where you think about going abroad, maybe for a semester or even a full year.

As your mind conjures up vivid images of you traveling to new places, meeting new people and studying new concepts, you are rudely interrupted by one of two voices – your own inner voice or the loud, external voice of your parents. The message is the same – Isn’t this too expensive? Is this just an excuse for a vacation? Why study PR in a foreign country using a foreign tongue? Shouldn’t you graduate as fast as possible? Are you just delaying growing up?

Plain and simple, the answer is no.

Leaving your home country and its familiar surroundings will not only broaden your horizons and reward you with invaluable experiences, but it will also give you a competitive advantage in the PR industry. So ignore those voices (sorry Dad!) and start planning the trip of your professional dreams!

Going abroad may be the best decision you can make in your undergraduate years. Here’s why:

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