Tips for Successful Student-Run Agency


In a recent post, I discussed meeting several impressive student PR firm leaders at the PRSSA 2009 National Conference.  Since that post, I’ve heard from many students and PR professors who want to start agencies on their own campuses.  So I asked Michigan State University senior Nick Lucido to provide the following information since he serves on the PRSSA National Committee and is responsible for helping develop student-run firms.

Currently, there are more than 100 firms in the U.S. with varying sizes and structures.  Nick notes that 15 student agencies are Nationally Affiliated firms, which represent the upper echelons of service and professionalism.  Thanks to Nick for the following tips.

I’ve had experience launching and working for a firm at MSU, so my advice is based on the Student-Run Firm Handbook (available by download on the PRSSA website) as well as my own trials and tribulations.  Here are some tips to remember for student-run firms: 

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