5 Good Reasons Why You Should Join a Professional Association

Tara Giuliano

Tara Giuliano

Professional associations have been pivotal to my career and success.  Unfortunately, far too many professionals in the marketing/advertising/public relations industry feel that they are too busy to engage with a professional association. 

As a marketing executive I am always busy— but am actually less stressed on a day-to-day basis as a result of what I get in return from my professional associations.  I have mentors and colleagues who I can talk to about all things related to my profession at any time, I have a wealth of resources at my fingertips, I am well-versed on the latest marketing techniques, I have career opportunities popping up constantly along with a pipeline of potential candidates who would love to work with me.  Most importantly, I have the leadership ability and confidence to give every day as a marketer my absolute best.  Take it from someone who worked full-time as a Marketing Director while going to graduate school, mothering a one-year-old, serving as President of the American Marketing Association Chicago, and contributing to several other associations—you are never too busy to focus on building a better “you.” 

Here are five reasons why you should be part of a professional association to help build a better “you”:

1.      Build an awesome network.

Due to spending time outside of the workplace interacting with others through professional associations, my network consists of thousands of people that can help me on a regular basis.  I have no limit to the amount of mentors, respected peers, marketing experts, future managers, recruiters, potential clients, agencies, vendor partners, future team members, business leaders, and the like who I can call upon to aid me in all my endeavors. 

2.     Attain a career opportunity (even when you aren’t looking).

Two of the biggest career moves of my life are thanks to my involvement with professional associations and the recommendations that I received because of them.  I have just announced that I will be taking the helm as Chief Marketing Officer at Sikich—a role that a fellow American Marketing Association Board Member has held and recommended me for.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to achieve a top leadership role at a respected company at this point in my career.  The benefits that I have received by being part of the American Marketing Association are key to why I was selected for the job. 

3.     Develop and grow professionally.

Professional associations often offer members ways to get hands on experience within their field.  This can be a great way to build your resume with skills that you do not receive in your day job.  For example, the majority of experience I have gained in mobile and social marketing has been through my associations since these tactics aren’t heavily used in my industry.   

4.     Boost your personal brand.

Through professional networking, I have perfected my elevator pitch of who I am as a brand.  This has led to countless opportunities for me in the way of speaking engagements, mentoring arrangements, guest blogging and even a magazine feature that I obtained through meeting the editor at the Professional Women’s Club of Chicago (click here to review).  

5.     Be at the cutting-edge of your practice

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