As Job Search Frustration Grows You Must Have a Plan and Keep Your Head in The Game

Job search

Reader comments help motivate bloggers since God knows we’re not doing it for the money. While negative comments sometimes sting, they also spur additional post opportunities. That’s the case today.

Yesterday, I received a comment to a three-year-old post, “Breaking Into Advertising Without Experience is Tough But Possible.” Clearly frustrated with her job search, reader Kate says:

Stupidest article ever. I have a master degree in marketing. And work experience and internships. I have been trying forever to get my foot in the door. Even to do an internship. But no one will hire these days anyone even for an unpaid internship. Because:

1. There are no jobs

2. You need 10 years of work experience even for a non-paid internship.

3. No one wants to train/teach anyone anything. Everyone expects you to have work experience. However, I ask how can you have work experience when no one will hire you???

Kate isn’t the only job seeker with these feelings. This alleged economic recovery definitely has seen anemic job growth unlike previous recoveries. As a result, the rate of job expansion is increasing slowly while we’re seeing a significant increase in the number of individuals pursuing entry-level public relations, marketing and advertising opportunities. Public relations-related jobs still enjoy a faster growth rate than other professions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

My quick survey of friends at Chicago-area agencies yesterday indicates most agencies have hired more talent in the past year than at any time since the recession began in 2007.  One agency that had two interns last year now has a steady complement of seven and 60% of them advance into full-time positions, while another agency increased its internship program to 20 aspiring professionals. The Holmes Report confirms there are more PR jobs today than ever, indicating that the PR industry grew by 8% last year and now employs 75,000, which is 9,000 more than in 2011.


Carol Gronlund, head of human resources and recruiting for the Zocalo Group and Ketchum Midwest, confirms that she’s seeing fewer resumes this year than in the past. But there’s still lots of competition, noting an Account Management Internship position posted last Friday generated 36 applications by today. An entry-level Account Coordinator role in Ketchum’s Washington, DC office has brought in 97 resumes since last Thursday. Last year, more than 800 resumes were received for an entry-level AC position.

“It’s not as competitive as it was last year because there are more jobs,” Carol confirmed. She noted success in filling recent openings so she currently has few openings, but other agencies are actively recruiting and hiring.

“My advice to students has always been to network and get involved,” said Carol. “Mingle with industry people, volunteer to staff a PRSA event, leverage your LinkedIn connections by asking for introductions. We pay attention to referrals and we ask the referrer how/what they know about candidates, so don’t forget to tell your referrer why you’re a good fit for the role, why you’re interested in the agency, etc. You’ve got to make it relevant, not just, “I need a job”. Jobseekers should also be open to a role that isn’t traditional PR. Social Media and the growing need for rich graphic content is creating new PR roles for folks with digital and creative skills.”

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