Advice from a Pro: Dave Samson

  David A. Samson

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been in the communications business for nearly 30 years.  In fact, as trite as it sounds, it still feels like yesterday that I stepped into my first job at a small Denver-based PR firm. 

I remember so clearly the frustration I felt when it took me four months to land the job.  Four months seemed like an eternity back then.  I also looked so young, at the time, that the firm’s receptionist couldn’t believe I was a college grad.  She remarked to others in the office that she thought they’d hired me straight out of high school.  Not the first impression I had imagined making!

 Anyway, over the span of my career, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work along side some of the most respected people in our profession, including the Culpwrit’s own Ron Culp.  I feel extremely fortunate to have been exposed to several of the most dynamic leaders in our profession over the last three decades.

So, what have I learned?  Well, way too much to download into a single digestible blog post, but let me offer a few things that stand out for me and hopefully provide some value to those reading this post:

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