Personalizing the Business Card Ritual

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While attending the Executives’ Club luncheon in Chicago yesterday, I sat next to Gwen Cohen, a First Vice President at Morgan Stanley.  For the first time in my professional career, I ran out of business cards as she handed me hers.  I told her that I would send my contact information via email, and then told her about a guest post on my blog by Gary McCormick who prefers individual follow up via letter or email rather than a business card. 

Gwen gave me a tip worth sharing with Culpwrit readers:  Write a note on the back of your business card that will allow the receiver to recall where he/she met you.  And perhaps add a memory-jogger note.  In her case, she met someone who also was left-handed, so she wrote:  “Fellow lefty.”  During her follow up, the person immediately recalled meeting her. 

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  1. Kelsey Brown:

    Great tip! I’ve always wondered how somebody receiving 30 business cards in one day would remember who was who.

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