Comments Wanted, But Not if You’re Selling Drugs, Porn and Gold Watches

Culpwrit is getting over 200 bogus “comments” a day from tacky individuals and organizations attempting to improve their SEO standings through the numerous links buried in each message. 

Fortunately, I must approve each comment so the site isn’t becoming cluttered with offers for everything from Ambien to Viagra.  Most of the comment attempts are easy to detect, while others are generically written as if they’re actually commenting on a post, but the list of links exposes the scam.  Unfortunately, my prompt deletion of these pirate attempts to take over the blog commentary might result in deletion of a legitimate comment.  If you submit a comment and don’t see it posted within half a day, please send me a note via the blog’s Contact link.

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  1. Sam Sunmonu:

    Have you considered using Disqus? I feel like that is the way to go to root out spam, plus it is a really useful commenting tool.

  2. Culpwrit:

    Thanks, Sam. I’ll check out Disqus. Have received suggestions from other readers as well, so I’m encouraged that I won’t always be buried in spam.

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