Fostering The Next Generation: PR Pro Bob Kornecki Gives Time, Talent & Scholarships

After working for 45 years, Bob Kornecki retired in August 2017. He and his wife look forward to a new house and a new life in Orlando, Fla., where they figure if “they build it,” family will come. He generously offers a PDF of his book “How to Thrive in the Public Relations Business: 35 Practical Tips from a 35-Year Veteran” to anyone who contacts him at

Jill Stewart Jill O’Mahony Stewart is a professional lecturer at DePaul University’s College of Communication. For more than 20 years she ran Stewart Communications, Ltd., a boutique PR firm focused on “issues that matter.” She reported to Bob Kornecki while working together at Burson-Marsteller’s Chicago office in the 1980s, and has helped judge the Reach for Excellence awards since 2014.

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  1. Jill Stewart:

    It was so fun writing this story about Bob. As you can tell, I’ve been a fan for a long time and this was just a great way to say “thanks” for many, many things over the years. Bob: have a wonderful retirement. You’ve earned it, and you’ve given the rest of us SO much.

  2. Bob Kornecki:

    Many thanks to Ron and Jill for the nice words. They are but two of many, many colleagues who made life in the public relations industry worth living!

  3. Edward Bury:

    Had the honor and pleasure of working with Bob on PRSA Chicago. Wishing him much continued success in his retirement and writing career. Is a book tour forthcoming?

  4. Tom Nicholson:

    Bob hired me as a VP at Edelman back in the 80s. He has always been a great leader and a patient boss. Thanks for this article. Nicely done for one of the best guys in this business.

  5. Peter Donahue:

    Great article! I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Bob at Midtown Educational Foundation for the past 8 years. Bob is a consummate professional – always prepared, focused and committed to the project at hand. In doing so, he made my job as a graphic designer easier and more effective.

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