Top 10 ‘Must Haves’ For Entry-Level Job Seekers

Since I had a great experience during my Sears career, I’ve often recommended retailing as an option for college graduates eager to launch their careers.  With turnover rates of up to 100% a year or more, retailing provides quick entry-level jobs that can lead to greater career opportunities.  At both Sears and the gourmet coffee store I opened years ago before most people had ever heard of Starbucks, the need for trusted talent is a top priority.  So, it isn’t surprising that when big retailers get together they talk a lot about talent. 

In the National Retail Federation (NRF) blog, Angela Elder, Senior Director of the NRF Foundation, summarizes discussions with retail recruiters during the recent Annual Summit.  To determine what retailers consider an “ideal entry level candidate,” Angela talked with e-commerce professionals from Ann Inc., OfficeMax, Sam’s Club and Belk.  Here’s the consensus list of “must-haves” for graduates:

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