How to Land a Sports PR Job

With this week’s focus on sports PR jobs, I enlisted Chris McKinney, a 20-year  sports veteran who has worked with the NFL, NBC Sports and the Dallas Mavericks, to provide his advice on how to land a sports PR job.  As you can see from his Sports Career News magazine and his blog, Chris is committed to helping college students and career changers to launch sports careers.   This is the first of two guest posts by Chris. 

  Chris McKinney: The Sports Career Coach™

(Warning to the Reader: The strategy I’m about to layout for you is highly controversial. It may even offend some of you. It goes against everything you thought you knew about landing a job and launching a career. But I know one thing for certain: you won’t find a more effective strategy anywhere. It’s designed for the individual who has no industry contacts or inside connections, yet wants to work for the most elite teams and leagues like the NFL and the NBA. Or maybe even a top-flight Sports PR firm. Not everyone can execute this plan. But those who can, deserve a Sports PR job. And those who can’t, probably don’t.)

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